Anniversary: ‘Potter’ movies mark 10 years; $6.37 billion

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 4: The Boy Who Lived is also the boy who raked in billions—$6.37 billion, to be exact—in movie revenues, and today is the 10-year anniversary of the London premiere of Harry Potter’s first movie. A decade ago today, fans of the “Harry Potter” series anxiously awaited the UK and North American cinema release of “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,” which came just 12 days following the London world premiere. (Get wizarding details from the Warner Brothers official Harry Potter website.) Advance ticket sales of the first movie broke records, and today, film producers and actors look back at the series as the most successful film franchise in movie history. (Check out the premieres in photos, courtesy of UsMagazine.) This holiday season, “Harry Potter” fans can immerse themselves in Harry Potter’s world with the release of the eight-part DVD series. But be warned: it takes 19.6 hours to watch all eight movies!


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Now what? After the release of the eighth film, “Harry Potter” fans have been anticipating the launch of Pottermore, a “unique online reading experience from J.K. Rowling” that is reported to contain backstories of characters, interactive reading experiences, video games, ways for fans to interact and more. (The Christian Science Monitor has an article.) However, despite its much-anticipated October launch, Pottermore has been released in Beta; other than the approximately 1 million Beta users, all other Potter fans will have to wait for access while the website receives upgrades. It was announced on Pottermore that “Harry Potter” e-books will be available sometime during the first half of 2012.

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