Anniversary: Titantic centennial countdown begins

HEADLINES THAT ROCKED THE WORLD 99 YEARS AGO: This week, a centennial year of rememberance begins.THURSDAY, APRIL 14: The countdown to Titanic’s centennial anniversary officially begins, and the world is taking notice: Cruises, books, memorabilia, monuments and much more are all set to sail this year. In Belfast—the city where Titanic was constructed—the Titanic 100 festival has begun. Enthusiasts worldwide are flocking to Northern Ireland for their first taste of Titanic centennial where, quite appropriately, the perspective is less about the sinking of Titanic and more about her architecture and status as a great feat of human engineering. (Belfast’s city site has details.) On May 31, a ceremony will mark the 100th anniversary of Titanic’s launch from Belfast and end the two-month-long festival.

Don’t panic, though—even before Titanic 100 ends, other events will be making their maiden debuts. The Grand Hotel on Michigan’s Mackinac Island will host a Titanic weekend May 13-15 that includes an 11-course dinner, seminars and an Edwardian fashion show. “The Band that Played On: The Extraordinary Story of the 8 Musicians Who Went Down with the Titanic,” a book dedicated to the band that infamously went down with the Titanic, has been penned by Steve Turner and was recently released. The Titanic Historical Society has been working on a memorial sculpture that will be unveiled April 15, 2012. (The THS site has more.)

This year, there is something for everyone: Several cruises will retrace Titanic’s path and spend April 15 floating above the wreck site while viewing real-time images of the wreck below. (Titanic Memorial Cruise has information on several cruises.) Land lovers can head to Cape Race, Newfoundland, the closest point of land to the Titanic wreck. For others, the $25-million Sea City Museum—dedicated to Titanic and opening on April 10, the day Titanic set sail from Southampton—will fulfill all of their Titanic desires. Finally, anyone whose heart went on with Rose and Jack can look forward to reconnecting with these renowned characters: The blockbuster 1997 movie is due for a new release in 3-D.

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