Baha’i: Understand Baha’u’llah’s lament on Ridvan’s last day

Baha’u’llah wrote the Nightingale of Separation before departing from BaghdadSUNDOWN SUNDAY, MAY 1: The final day of the Baha’i Festival of Ridvan begins tonight, and devotees will be remembering the day Baha’u’llah—the Promised One of the Baha’i faith—and his family left the Garden of Ridvan to begin their three-month journey to Constantinople. Tomorrow, work is suspended, and Baha’is will spend the day in prayer and celebration with other community members. (Wikipedia has details.)

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Prior to his departure, Baha’u’llah wrote the Nightingale of Separation to express his sorrow in leaving his followers in Baghdad. (Read the Nightingale of Separation at Baha’ As he had heard nightingales sing at night in the garden, so Baha’u’llah wrote a lament in their name to his followers. Many Baha’is read or hear this lament read on the Twelfth Day of Ridvan.

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