Christian: Bake King Cake for Feast of Christ the King

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 21: Today marks the last Sunday of the western liturgical calendar, and so for many Roman Catholics, Anglicans, Lutherans and other mainline Protestants, today is also the Feast of Christ the King. Advent is fast approaching for Western Christians; soon they will be anticipating the Nativity. (Orthodox Christians began their Nativity fast earlier.) Before launching the popular “Christmas season,” Western Christians honor Jesus as a triumphant figure. (To see a popular American-Catholic image of Christ the King, and learn more details. visit

Pope Benedict XVI has explained that Christ’s kingship is based on humility through loving and serving others—not on domination through violence. (Wikipedia has details about this Christian holiday.)

Pope Pius XI instituted a feast for Jesus’ kingship in 1925, as a response to what Piux XI regarded as a growing secularism in the world at that time. He tried to assure Catholics that Christ reigns above all earthly kings, queens and other royal figures, and that Christ’s kingdom is universal and eternal. Pope Pius XI also published an encyclical on Christ’s kingship. ( has more.)


Wikipedia has an overview of King Cake customs around the world. Depending on your cultural background, you may associate King Cakes with Mardi Gras or with Epiphany at the end of the Christmas season. In some cultures, Christ the King Sunday is also a time for whipping up one of these traditional cakes. The Wikipedia page offers some links to King Cake culture—but if you’ve got a favorite recipe or website to recommend with better tips on these rich and colorful foods, please email us at

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