Christian: End the year on the Feast of Christ the King

Photo in public domain.SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 20: It’s the last Sunday of the Western Christian liturgical year—the Feast of Christ the King. The official Catholic institution of today’s theme is fairly recent—Pope Pius XI declared, in 1925, a feast in response to increasing nationalism and secularism—but the core of the theme has resonated in the Church since its inception. (Wikipedia has details.)

Looking for activities on this feast day? Try baking a King Cake! Get more ideas from CatholicCulture. On this, the last Sunday of the year, priests traditionally don white and gold and declare that true peace can only be achieved when all nations and governments realize that God is the only one, true king.

For Catholics, today’s feast is ranked as first class, and many Christians take this ranking very seriously—including Catholics in the small village of Khushpur, in Pakistan. In preparation for the Feast of Christ the King each year, devotees reenact 20 or more Bible stories on the streets and participate in long, colorful processions. (Read an article here.) All streets of the village “compete” for having the most beautiful pathway for the procession, as well as for having the most engaging staging of a biblical story. According to residents, even non-Christians—including Muslims—help raise funds and participate in the activities.

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