Christian: Party like a Scot on St. Andrew’s Day

THE DOOR OF THE ST. ANDREW’S Church of Scotland. Photo in public domain courtesy of Wikimedia CommonsWEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 30: It’s the feast day of “a fisher of men” today—St. Andrew—and Christians worldwide celebrate this saint with fish dinners, elaborate Scottish parties and ancient customs. St. Andrew boasts the title of patron saint in places including Greece, Romania, Russia and the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, but nowhere is he more of an icon than in Scotland!

St. Andrew’s is Scotland’s national day, and aids partiers worldwide in appropriate attire, foods and even a whisky selections. Also, Wikipedia has details.

St. Andrew was a fisherman with his brother, Simon Peter, but was quick to follow Jesus and became Christ’s first disciple.

In some countries, ancient customs still exist on St. Andrew’s Day: in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Poland, it’s legend that young women who perform specific rituals will learn the name of a future husband. (Learn modern traditions and more at Women for Faith and Family.)

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