Christian: Peaceful Eucharist = World Communion Sunday

Photo in public domainSUNDAY, OCTOBER 7: Hablas Espanol? Parlez vous Francais?

Embrace world culture by hearing your favorite Scripture read in a different language today; Christians worldwide celebrate their unity on this, the first Sunday in October, for World Communion Sunday. The lines that divide denominations are just a little thinner on this “special Sunday,” and all Christians are encouraged to work toward peace. An observance that began 75 years ago in the Presbyterian Church has now spread to several Christian denominations.

The year was 1933 when Shadyside Presbyterian Church came up with the idea for World Communion Sunday. Three years later, the observance was adopted by the entire U.S. Presbyterian Church, and in 1940, the Federal Council of Churches—now National Council of Churches—endorsed World Communion Sunday and began its widespread promotion. Today, Christians worldwide set aside this day. Several sources provide materials for use on World Communion Sunday. (Here is one example, from the United Church of Christ.)

In search of ways your congregation can observe this day of Christian unity? Try asking bilingual parishioners to read Scripture in another language. Musicians can play a part by performing music from other cultures; Tony Alonso’s “Table of the World” provides worship songs in both English and Spanish. If charity is your style, try raising funds for overseas missions. (Check out more creative ideas from the Reformed Church in America.)

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