International Observance: Hey, youth: Change the World!

FRIDAY, AUGUST 12: Focus on the future as young people worldwide wrap up the International Year of Youth and join hands for International Youth Day. Designated by the UN in 1999, International Youth Day calls young people to reach out however they can—in their own communities, through Facebook, in school publications and more—and to make a difference. This year’s theme encompasses the wide vision, “Change Our World.” (The UN’s Youth Day site has more.)

The UN believes the impact of youth is no small thing, and that confidence is reflected in this year’s hopeful theme. Countries around the world host concerts, meetings, workshops and more for young people today, all in the hopes of building a global community of youth.

Looking to take action? Be creative! The UN recommends a wide range of ideas, including youth-centered art exhibitions and making your thoughts known on radio shows or on public television—today or any day of the year. (Get more ideas from the UN’s Department of Economic and Social Affairs.) Volunteering in your community is also an excellent way to, well—change the world!

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