International Observance: UK Remembrance Sunday

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 14: Veterans Day may have passed in America, but today, many citizens of the UK mark Remembrance Sunday to honor those who gave their lives to war. Traditional poppy wreaths are laid on memorials today, and at 11 a.m., a two-minute silent is observed across the nations. Church services are officially dedicated to memorials today, and church bells are rung in a muffled fashion so as to create a somber mood. (Wikipedia has details.)

Nov. 11 once marked both the American Veterans Day and the UK Armistice Day, but since Armistice Day primarily recalls the soldiers of WWI, Remembrance Sunday is used to honor soldiers of WWII and wars since. Royalty are very much involved in Remembrance Sunday, too, as the UK national ceremony usually sees the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince of Wales, Duke of York, Prime Minister and other leaders laying wreaths. The national ceremony is organized by the British Legion.

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