Islam: Determine a future the night before Mid-Shaban

Photo in public domainWEDNESDAY, JULY 4: Muslim countries may be full of sleepy-eyed residents today, but celebrations of gaiety have swept the nations: it’s Mid-Shaban, the day that follows Laylat al Bara’ah. (Moon sightings and dates vary by region. Wikipedia has details.) Devotees in countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran and Afghanistan breathe a sigh of relief, as the night of records or night of deliverance has reached an end.

Last night, Muslims held all-night vigils of prayer, as it’s believed Allah frees his sinful followers on the night of Laylat. (Follow an insider’s perspective at the Islamic Educational & Cultural Research Center site.) It’s also held that the souls destined to be born and to die are determined this night; those eligible to perform Hajj this year are especially diligent in their prayers.

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