Milestones: Tax Day becomes “Cyber” Tax Day

THURSDAY, APRIL 15: Make sure your numbers are accurate—it’s Tax Day for Americans! Want your voice to be heard, this year? All this week, is inviting readers to talk about taxes! Do you know how many reasons Americans may be protesting taxes this week? will touch on a wide range.

This year also has been unofficially dubbed the First Annual Cyber Tax Day, since the Internal Revenue Service anticipates that more than 66 percent of taxpayers will file their taxes electronically! Yet even with cyber taxes, pushing the deadline is still a popular activity. The IRS also predicts that April 15, 2010, will continue to be the busiest filing day of the year.

Also active on April 15 will be the War Resisters League, a group formed in 1923 in the wake of WWI. (Wikipedia has a history, as well as modern activities.) This organization is a section of the London-based War Resisters’ International. Many founders of the War Resisters League were thrown in jail for refusing to serve in the military, and today, its mission remains to object to war and the abundant number of American tax dollars spent on military expenses. According to the War Resisters League, more than $1 trillion has been spent on military activities in Iraq and Afghanistan since October 2001. The War Resisters League publishes a detailed pie chart each year on American tax dollars, indicating where the money is spent.

Will you be part of some tax-related protest this week? Are you aware of one near where you live? Click on over to OurValues and tell us what you think!

(By ReadTheSpirit columnist Stephanie Fenton)

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