National Observance: Stand4Change Against Bullying

CLICK THIS BOOK COVER to find ReadTheSpirit coverage of a brand new book on reducing bullying, published by a team from Michigan State University and ReadTheSpirit Books. FRIDAY, MAY 4: Stand tall and defend justice today, joining the nearly 1 million students who have pledged to support Stand4Change Against Bullying 2012. Whether for religious, social, economic or other reasons, bullying has an impact on nearly every race and faith—and every age. So sign up at to get involved, and show the world that you don’t tolerate this harmful and sometimes fatal practice.

Statistics on bullying are shocking: 1 in 3 teens reports being bullied at school, according to the 2009 Indicators of School Crime and Safety; 4 percent of teens are victims of cyber bullying; and a whopping 44 percent of middle schools report bullying problems. These days, bullying often doesn’t stop with teasing in a school yard. The problem now follows young people into the privacy of their homes through digital connections.

Anti-Bullying Around the Calendar and Around the World

Various efforts are rising to combat the problem: AntiBullying Week comes to the UK in November, National Stop Bullying Day is on Oct. 10, and Canada’s AntiBully day is observed in February. Bullying and religion remain tied in many news headlines, as bullying is reported against Muslims and various other religious traditions.

How can you stop bullying in your child’s school or in your community? Start by reading today’s ReadTheSpirit coverage of a brand new book on reducing bullying, published by a team of journalism students from Michigan State University. In addition to their book, which now is available to help parents, educators and community leaders—the MSU journalism school has a new information-packed website about these emerging issues.

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