National Observance: StoryCorps National Day of Listening

CLICK ON THIS IMAGE to jump to StoryCorps and learn more.FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 25:
The National Day of Listening is an unofficial observance in the U.S.
Started in 2008, it’s a terrific idea sponsored by National Public Radio and StoryCorps. So far, the annual campaign has prompted the telling of thousands of personal stories that now are saved for posterity. From U.S. presidents  to people living in remote villages, all kinds of families use the Friday after Thanksgiving as an opportunity to share personal stories. This is the bread and butter of StoryCorps throughout the year. But, on the Friday after Thanksgiving, adults often have the day off work and families have time to converse. Use a recorder and save whatever is said.

An elementary school Thanksgiving pageant in 1935. National Archives image in public domain.Of course, you can talk with anyone on the National Day of Listening—as long as you ask questions that get people talking about their life experiences.
But, this year’s special theme is: Thank a Teacher!
Click on the StoryCorps image above (or click on this link) to jump to StoryCorps and find out about a wide range of projects you can tackle this year. In fact, there are online options to simply Thank a Teacher right now.

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