Scientology: L. Ron Hubbard birthday calls for service

TUESDAY, MARCH 13: Scientologists will be out and about serving their communities today, in honor of L. Ron Hubbard’s birthday. Nebraska saw the birth of Scientology’s founder in 1911. Hubbard became an American pulp fiction writer and later the creator of Dianetics, a self-help system. Eventually, he became moe famous as the head of Scientology. (Dianetics remains part of the doctrines of the Church of Scientology. Wikipedia has details.)

Lafayette Ronald Hubbard founded Scientology in 1952, seeing its international spread during his lifetime. Hubbard’s life remains somewhat a mystery, however, as critics describe his autobiographical information as fictitious and Scientologists regard it as fact. Hubbard has also been described as everything from a hero to a madman. (Get the Scientologist perspective at

Per his direction, Scientologists spend L. Ron Rubbard’s birthday serving others and helping to improve their communities.

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