A Renaissance Festival Wedding

August 31st, 2015

A Medieval wedding for a modern-day couple

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“I’ll bet you’re looking forward to this wedding,” bride Jen said to me as we waited at the front gate of the Renaissance Festival in Holly, Michigan.

That was definitely an understatement. It’s not often that you get to photograph a couple and thousands of their closest friends who went all Medieval on them before, during and after the ceremony.

I knew things were going to be memorable when Jen was accosted by the Village Idiot imploring her to travel the world first, before jumping into matrimony. That’s okay, The Queen (I wanna say Elizabeth, but was unable to confirm her royal lineage) blessed her union with new hubby Dave Roby.

More than a quarter million fair-goers visit the festival each year. Held on weekends from mid-August through the beginning of October, the Michigan Renaissance Festival has been going strong for 37 years. Sprawling over 17 acres, the festival features 300 artisans, themed stages, jousting, camel rides, a cornucopia of food and last Saturday, a wedding as well.

The wedding party and their lucky guests were feted and featured as they were paraded through the festival, first with the bride-to-be, then with husband and wife. After the nuptials, they were all seated for a rather lavish five-course meal in the castle on the grounds and treated to ongoing performances featuring sword fights, acrobatics, fire juggling and all manner of merriment.

You’d have to be a Village Idiot not to enjoy something like that. And I have it on good authority that even the idiot had a blast as well.

Enjoy a small sampling of the photos. Here’s to Lord and Lady Roby. Hip hip, huzzah!

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