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Colorado’s Ancient Mesa Verde

May 5th, 2018

Part One: Hiking toward mysterious petroglyphs and wondering if I, myself, might become a mystery.

See that little slot on the left? That was my path. See that chasm on the right?

There should’ve been a sign at the beginning.

Right at the trailhead — right when it was do or die time — the sign should’ve said something like “WARNING:Middle-aged Suburban Guys Should Probably Stay Back In The Gift Shop.”

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Graduating from Gravity High at Mesa Verde’s Balcony House

May 5th, 2018

Part Two: In which our intrepid voyager eats lunch then decides to tempt fate again.

On the main level at Balcony House, the ranger points out fascinating facts while I cling to the back wall.

You’d think I would’ve gotten the memo.

Hiking a perilous trail (well, perilous to me) and surviving the journey, would alert some people to the fact that maybe sheer cliff walls and tight rock tunnel passageways might be better left to other, more intrepid national park visitors. Especially since I’ve just miraculously reached the end of that trail before lunchtime. Read More…

Ashes to Water

August 17th, 2017

Returning my aunt and uncle to their favorite spot

On a mirror-calm bay, on a see-forever day, we scattered my aunt and uncle’s ashes. They died within months of each other over the past year and we took them back to northern Canada, to the cottage they built so long ago.

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Notes From Down Under: Hot Water Beach

March 5th, 2017

What lurks beneath a sandy New Zealand beach

The rain steadily pours down outside our cute, cozy, cottage and life is calm, peaceful and smooth. So it seems insane that we’re about to go outside into the downpour, dig a hole and crawl into it. Read More…