Kelly’s Wedding

April 8th, 2013

Work with us, won’t you, as we try and bring you the best and brightest blog yet.

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As we work to bring you a more rewarding and enriching experience here at the international headquarters for Spiritual Wanderer, Inc. we’re trying new and exciting things. When my lovely niece Kelly Curtis got hitched over the weekend in Fredericksburg, Virginia, I thought we’d flex the muscles of this site and see how photo galleries work and look. Remember, kids, that I wasn’t the assigned photographer at this prestigious event; I was only the doting uncle with a silly point-and-shoot camera. Don’t judge me!

We’re not quite sure which gallery template works, so we’ll be tinkering around with stuff until you — the user — are completely satisfied and get your money’s worth. For instance, take a look at the different versions of the same gallery and see which one you like best.

Take a gander at the gallery presented this way (with just one photo representing the whole gallery and a blue hypertext link to click to see them all).

My Niece’s Wedding



Now, check the photo gallery out this way, if you please. Click on any of the photos below and you’ll be able to view the gallery larger, in living color.

If you care to comment, go ahead and leave a reply in that COMMENT bubble above. Thank you for all your help!

Sincerely, the management.



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