London: The Big Picture(s)

April 1st, 2014

Wherein once again The Spiritual Wanderer wanders around snapping photos of whatever makes him smile.

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There’s nothing better than strolling around town, any town, and taking pictures. It’s called Street Photography and those of us whose hearts pump developer, stop bath and fixer love wandering with a camera. Pros like Scott Strazzante take it well past documentary photography and well into high art with blogs like Shooting from the Hip.

You’ve heard of the fantastic Humans of New York? Well today I offer up a few humans of London.

Head in bucket

A busker is someone in London who performs in the public for money. I’ve seen jugglers and singers, comedians and people who do all three. I even gave money to a kid playing a traffic cone like a bugle. But I’ve never seen anyone stand on his head in a bucket. Apparently, gauging from the reaction, it’s just another day in Notting Hill on Portobello Road.


The London Eye

The London Eye, built for the new millennium, is no longer the world’s tallest ferris wheel, but the views from it are still fantastic. So are the views OF it.


Winston Churchill and Parliament

Even in death, Winston Churchill still looks over the city and Westminster Abbey.


Flesh eating fish

You may remember the video I did of these fish eating the dry skin off my own feet. Here are some tanks full of Garra Rufa which tickle your feet as they give my daughter and some new friends a pedicure.


Big Ben and phone booth

It’s five o’clock somewhere. Big Ben is seen through a nearby phone booth, (though in truth, “Big Ben” is actually the name of the biggest bell inside the clock tower).


Whittlesey Street London

British television and movie producers use Whittlesey Street in London as their own personal back lot because it looks like it did hundreds of years ago — without the cars, and Marci.


The Eye of Skye

The Eye of Skye or The London Eye(s).


Bored Taylor

After a long day of sightseeing, Taylor takes a break in the bunker that housed Churchill’s war rooms during The Blitz.


Dirty Dicks

And finally – submitted mostly without comment – other than saying my wife made me insert this photo. Oh, that sign in the background.

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