See Ya Later, Grandma

February 27th, 2017

Enjoy your journey!

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My grandma, the doctor, always knew how to make me smile!

My grandma, the doctor, always knew how to make me smile!

Hi Grandma,

I’m writing from far, far away. But also, I’m right here. 

You are in that thin place, the area between this life on earth and other lives already lived and yet to come. You slipped over there now and remember it well, for you’ve been there and done those. You may still be hovering here where we are, where we smile with sadness at your transition. Don’t worry about us; we’ll be okay. And certainly don’t worry about the place where you are, where you were, where you’re going. It’s a big adventure full of brighter light than you can ever remember, sweeter smells than you can recall tasting and sounds so magnificent you’ll touch them.

You’ll carry love with you in your pocket bag of deep, true emotions. The love comes from every little baby you healed here, every child you helped get better, every parent you’ve soothed, every grandson who tries not to cry as he remembers your upside down headstands done into your 70s or helping him not be too scared of fireworks.

We know you’ll soon be working with a new set of souls, seeing old souls you remember from here and before. We hope you bring our hugs, our laughter and smiles to Aunt Janet, to Bill, to Grandad, to Dad, to Lois The First, to everyone of our lineage, near and far, who you’ll be sharing soulful love with.

We’ll miss you here; don’t get me wrong. You’ve painted a wide path and left an indelible mark. But we know you’re still around — not in that silly metaphorical, memory way, but in our emotions that are a direct hotline to where you’ll be, in our thoughts which you’ll hear, in our tears which you’ll brush off saying, “now, now, no need to cry; I’m right here.”

Forgive us as we toil here in our simple three dimensional understanding of reality, Grandma. You can see the bigger picture, see it with eyes of wonder and knowing. We thank you and bless you for all you’ve been for us. We look forward to hearing all about your travels and maybe, if we’re lucky, we may just get a silly souvenir from you like we used to. 

If it’s not too much to ask, send us some toast tongs or pajamas when you get a chance won’t you?

Thank you. 


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