Tooth Fairy comes through in Illinois

Tooth Fairy column illustration

Illustration by Camryn Farbman

Andy walked into daughter Camryn’s pale pink bedroom.  Our 7 year old granddaughter had been wiggling a front tooth for weeks.  Now she was the proud possessor of a new space in her mouth.  But she frowned as she held out a small blue box.  In it, a tiny, neglected tooth.

“The Tooth Fairy didn’t make it,” she said.

Ohmigod, our son thought to himself.  That tooth fairy is such an idiot. But he kept his cool.   “I ran into the Tooth Fairy yesterday,” he said.  “She told me she thought you wanted a toy instead of money.”

Camryn cocked her head.  “You know she’s right,” she said.  “I have enough money. If I had one more dollar, I wouldn’t know what to do with it.  How can I let her know?”

Andy advised her to put the tooth back in the box and to add a personal note requesting something other than money.

Camryn nodded.  “And I’m going to ask if she minds if I keep my tooth.  You know, Daddy, the Tooth Fairy only comes to those who believe in her.”

In emergencies, even Tooth Fairies are known to make a quick trip to the corner of Happy and Healthy.  There, in a Chicago suburb, the Tooth Fairy purchased three small action figures.  As compensation for TF’s previous lapse, Camryn also got to keep her tooth.  A newly toothless smile spread across her face.

In Andy and Amy’s family, the real tooth expert is Amy’s dad, Bob, an oral surgeon in Atlanta.  As your diligent researcher, I continually pursue details with which to regale you, my dear reader.  When Andy told me the story of Camryn’s latest tooth, I asked which tooth it was.

“I don’t know.  Somewhere up front.  Who do you think I am?  My father-in-law?”

The moral of the story is best summed up by my wise philosopher granddaughter.  The Tooth Fairy only comes when you believe.

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3 thoughts on “Tooth Fairy comes through in Illinois

  1. Bobbye Goldburg

    Suzy – This is almost as cute as River looking for someone else…:)
    Aren’e they the best.
    xoxo Bobbye

  2. burton

    That was very interesting. I believe in the tooth fairy and she believes in me. That is so true. Great story.

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