Eager to go, yet the home won’t move, until one day …

When Russ retired, he and Jermaine bought a house in Sarasota.  They enjoyed Florida so much that they decided to live there full time.  They put their New Hampshire townhouse on the market in December, 2012.  Because the real estate market was still lagging, they figured it would take time to sell.  Several prospects visited.  One couple even made an offer.  Russ and Jermaine were disappointed when their financing fell through.

In January they agreed to stay with their three grandchildren in Nashville while daughter Daphne and husband Steve entertained a client at the Super Bowl.  At the last minute, the client contracted the flu and cancelled.  Jermaine and Russ stayed in Florida.

That day, friends from up north called.  They agreed to meet for lunch midway, at Sharky’s in Venice.  They sat on the deck, gazed at the ocean and munched on fried grouper sandwiches.  As if the afternoon weren’t perfect enough, their friends just happened to mention something as inspiring as the view.  Their  daughter and her husband had looked at Jermaine and Russ’s home several times and were “very interested.”  But they were considering another house as well.

Russ jumped at the opportunity.  “Have them call me,” he said.  “I’ll give them a good deal.”  That night he spoke to their friends’ kids.  They came to terms.  Two weeks later, Jermaine and Russ were back in New Hampshire packing up their belongings.  They closed the next day.

Jermaine says, “Our house wouldn’t have sold so quickly if the client hadn’t gotten sick, if our kids hadn’t cancelled, and we weren’t available for lunch that day.”   Although sorry to miss time with their grandchildren, Jermaine and Russ were pleased to be finished with house maintenance and trips back and forth.

Often we’re disappointed when plans fall apart.  Jermaine and Russ’s experience reminds us to go with the flow.  As Robert Burns said, “The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men gang aft agley.”

Generally God has a better idea.

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7 thoughts on “Eager to go, yet the home won’t move, until one day …

  1. angela kimble

    What a wonderful story Suzy. I love that you are sharing these stories until the banner “Godsigns” because I know how much you now believe in them. Keep up the great posts. I look forward to them. xoxo

  2. Debra Darvick

    Whenever I find myself in one of those “hamster mazes” where every step forward is blocked or stymied, I have learned to throw up my hands, give in and wait for the real reason for the roadblocks to reveal itself.

  3. Rodney

    This entry, for some reason, reminds me of an old joke. “How do you make God laugh? Tell him/her your plans.”

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