Heading toward the hospital, daughter sees … a sign


Photo thanks to Gunnery Sergeant E.V. Walsh, USMC

Delin Bru was worried.  Her mother, Delia, was back in Mt. Sinai Hospital in Miami, again scheduled for surgery.  The last time Delia needed surgery at this hospital, she ended up staying for five months and losing a leg to diabetes.

Earlier this year, Delin drove from Sarasota, where she lives, to Miami to be with her parents during her mother’s latest surgery.  Delin is devoted to her mom.  And an only child.  

“What can I say?” Delin recalls.  “I was terrified.”

Delin, a dear friend of mine, drove to the hospital at 8 am. Near the hospital she passed a house with a red tile roof and a Spanish feel.  (Aside to fellow design groupies: This style of architecture, so prevalent in Florida, is known in the vernacular as MedRev, for Mediterranean Revival.) The house Delin noticed was still decorated for Christmas with red lights strung outside.  A big sign hung by the front door.

The sign, in cursive letters, read: BELIEVE.

In recounting the moment, Delin later told me, “I was amazed.  Your book came to mind.”  (Indulge me, dear reader.  I love it when that happens.)

“The surgery was six hours late in starting.  It didn’t finish until 11pm,” Delin said.  “The whole time I kept the message, BELIEVE, in my head and my heart.” Delin, who is Catholic, shared the message with friend Pearl, an Orthodox Jew, the head nurse at the wound center.  “All day long Pearl kept reminding me to BELIEVE.”

“When my mom went into surgery, she said to me, ‘I am afraid,’ and she started to cry.  When she came out, she said, ‘I am so thankful to God for giving me another chance to be here continuing to enjoy my family.  And I am so thankful to all the people at this hospital, who know us like family.'”

The surgery was complicated, but successful.  Delin reports her mom is doing “very well.”

A few days later, Delin felt ill.  As she drove to the doctor, she says, “I thought about the word BELIEVE, and I felt better.  I knew everything would be okay.  And it was!”

Life is easier for all of us when we remember to BELIEVE.

(Godsigns, holiday signs—wherever your signs come from, please share them with me.”

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4 thoughts on “Heading toward the hospital, daughter sees … a sign

  1. Suzy Farbman

    Thanks, Delin. This is such an encouraging story with a message we all need to remember.

  2. Delin

    Suzy , I have always Belived in everything , very naive of me , even now that I am a lot older !!!! I guess is my personality ! But when you are in despair and you see a word written, “BELIVE ” is for sure a message of hope ! it was a Godsign send to ME !!
    You are an inspiration and an example to follow ( you know what I mean)
    God use You ! your book is a message of positive Hope ! Since I read you book I go about my day paying attention ! I have faith that I am never alone ,
    Love and blessings to you and your family

  3. Rosario

    Thank You for this beautiful message.
    I will use BELIEVE right now and always. Although my faith is big, some times God has His way to send us messages, and He just did.

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