Though gone for 3 years, Doug Leith is still in the game


Our friend Doug died on July 8, 2013, at 73. An old acquaintance who’ll never be forgot. His stepson, Andrew Marr, provided the hook for this story—appropriate since Andrew’s a fishing guide. Doug was such a good guy that even his stepchildren loved him.

Burton and I met Doug and Suzie circa 2000 as members of Laurel Oak CC in Sarasota, Fl. We played golf (about equally) and bridge (they whomped us). They visited us Up North, and we, them, in Southampton, Ont.

A few years back, the Leiths moved and left LOCC. We remained friends. One of Burton’s favorite Doug moments was when the two of them stood at a bar. Doug gazed at the bartender, whose endowments were well displayed, and said, “You have beautiful…eyes.” I loved the grin that darted across Doug’s face at the surprise party Suzie threw for his 70th when she proclaimed, “You’re my movie star.” And how he nicknamed her his Suzie Sunshine.

We were heartbroken when, about a year after that party, Doug was struck with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. But Doug wouldn’t permit broken hearts. Even as he coughed more and struggled for breath, even as a small oxygen tank turned into a big one, he refused sympathy. He forbade friends to discuss his condition. He carried on, dragging his tank behind him. But still playing. Still in the game to whatever extent he could manage.

After 2 years, Doug finally made the waiting list for a lung transplant. He and Suzie moved to a condo in downtown Toronto to await the life-saving donation. He died 3 weeks later.

Doug had 3 children of his own. When he married Suzie, Andrew says, “He accepted 3 more into his family.” Doug also had 6 granddaughters and a large circle of close friends. Andrew calls him “a true charmer.”

At Doug’s “celebration of life,” his son Fred spoke about Doug’s relationship with Suzie. Both were divorced from first spouses. Fred said, “Doug said of Suzie, ‘She changed my life, but she didn’t change me.’” Fred mentioned his dad’s love of sweets—especially Doug’s mom’s Dutch apple pie. In Doug’s honor, the service concluded with a pie buffet.

Recently, Suzie sold their Sarasota condo. We took her out for dinner and what we trust wasn’t a final hug. Her son Andrew came along. We talked about how the family had honored Doug’s wish to be cremated. Doug left no directive about his ashes. Andrew said, “The most conventional practice is to commit ashes to an urn and keep them in a place of honor, such as on a mantle. Our family chose something less traditional.”

Doug had 2 more great passions. The game of golf. And the home he and Suzie built above Lake Huron, about 75 yards from the water. After the funeral, Andrew recalls, the whole family gathered at the house “to share stories, laugh, cry and mourn the loss of our patriarch at the family home where we had such wonderful times together. We didn’t have Doug any more. But we did have the whole family, and a deck, and a lake and golf balls and clubs. Who came up with the idea, or how much wine we’d had, or how sad we were didn’t matter. We figured out a method to spread some of his ashes in a way he’d have loved.”

They proceeded to dip golf balls in water and then in Doug’s ashes. The entire family took turns hitting ash-covered balls from the beach into the lake. “We sailed some, duffed some, sliced, hooked, popped up and hit all manner of shots that took Doug into the great blue yonder. We knew he was smiling upon us and probably saying: ‘Keep your head down and follow through.’ It was a special moment we all cherish to this day.”

Just as the family finished driving Doug home, Suzie took a photograph. A flock of Canadian geese flew overhead, in V formation. “How profound,” Suzie said. “They were heading south, just as Doug would, if he were still alive.”

Some of Doug’s closest friends also received small portions of their buddy’s ashes. Andrew says, “Doug accompanies many of us around golf courses, tucked away in our golf bags. Some of us still ask him for advice on a shot now and then. His friends have sat down on his favorite holes and enjoyed a scotch in his remembrance while laying some of his ashes.”

Doug’s pals, including David Ferguson, Gord Lickrish, Don Grant, Bruce Mitchell, John Clappison, Doreen McLashon and Pete Smith, spread some of Doug’s ashes on the famous, harrowing 17th hole of the Old course at St. Andrews, Scotland. (Known as the Road Hole, it’s bordered by a road along the property line. The sport of golf began at St. Andrews in the early 15th century.)

Andrew personally scattered some of Doug’s ashes at Gator Creek Golf Club in Sarasota. There, on the 8th hole, Doug scored his only hole-in-one. Last winter Andrew drove to the course and told the golf staff who he was and what he wished to do. “They promptly gave me a cart and I wound my way out to the 8th tee. No one else was around, so Doug and I shared one last memory at the course where he and I had created so many great memories together.”

My mother, also a golf enthusiast, used to refer to her ultimate resting place as “that great golf course in the sky.” Mom, you’re in good company.

Thanks, Andrew and Suzie, for sharing this remembrance. Doug may not have made it through the entire back nine, but he nailed the holes he was given.

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32 thoughts on “Though gone for 3 years, Doug Leith is still in the game

  1. Suzy Farbman Post author

    as commented to Suzie Leith on Facebook…
    Georgina Grootenboer-Knox: So beautiful
    Jayne Gimbel: Great tribute to Doug
    Bridget O’Neill:I love this and him!
    David Rutherford: What a great tribute. I’ve nothing but respect and admiration for Doug.
    Liza Buck: A lovely tribute to a lovely man
    Jody Delwo: Beautiful
    Amy Luscombe: Perfect
    Gillian Marr: A touching tribute to my late stepfather and the quirky and wonderful way our family chose to commemorate and honor him! Suzy Farbman did a great job of writing this up with input from my mother Suzie Leith and my brother Andrew Marr.

    Response from Suzy Farbman to Leith Facebook friends: thanks for all the lovely notes. Great to see Doug has quite the fan club.

  2. Suzy Farbman Post author

    as commented to Suzie Leith on Facebook…
    Tim Halls: Well done crew. Doug was a true gentleman and friend to many. Those memories will be with us all forever. Cheers. And Fore!!
    Meg O’Neill: I love this! Miss him lots!
    Jen Halls: Beautiful!
    Pierre Cleroux: Nicely done
    Heather McLeod Cranford: What a touching article!
    Barbara Slipp: Thanks for sharing. Beautiful love story
    Ronnie Clarkson: Mr. Leith always a gentleman. Wonderful man. Never forgotten

  3. Gordon lickrish

    Marvellous!!!! I played with him on the Old Course at St Andrews in what was his last game there. We all had a wonderful round of golf enjoying the moment.
    I will always remember that day. Gordon

  4. Christopher von Spee

    Thank you for the wonderful recap of Doug! We grew up in Mississauga next door nighbours to the sleuths! David was a close childhood friend until they moved away!

    Sending love to the wonderful Leith Clan


  5. Lynn Buehler

    You brought his personality to life with your words Suzy, sounds like I would have enjoyed knowing him. His family tribute was heartwarming and hilarious and sad and happy. As a golfer myself, I thought the meshing of golf, beach, and ashes was inspiring. What beautiful resting places he has!

  6. Suzy Farbman Post author

    as emailed from Amy Farbman
    Really touching blog, Suzy. Really well written. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Suzy Farbman Post author

    as emailed from Anne Towbes
    Fun post. Quite a visual with those ash-covered golf balls.

    1. Suzy Farbman Post author

      Thanks. I thought so, too. Out of several photos, my editor David Crumm chose the shot of Andrew golfing for the opener. I thought it was a great choice. Andrew’s step-father would have approved of that swing.

  8. Suzy Farbman Post author

    as emailed from Andrew Marr
    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Beautifully done, Suzy. What a wonderful way to memorialize Doug and our family’s tribute to him. It means a lot to see it all brought together in such a lovely way. Can’t thank you enough for taking the time you did to work on this.

    1. Suzy Farbman Post author

      Wouldn’t have happened without you, Andrew. And your mom. This was a team effort. Thanks so much for providing the inspiration. And thanks for your very thoughtful note.

  9. Betty Welsford

    Thanks Susie for sending this to me. I want everyone to know that my son Hugh success in this world is due to Doug’s trust in him. We had a car seat called the “Leith seat” because he and Boydie played so much golf together at Gator Creek that Boydie put his winnings into a car seat for our grandkids. MANY happy memories, so appropriate that this was written about Doug. Betty

    1. Suzy Farbman Post author

      Thanks, Betty, for the gracious comment and for letting us know about the Leith Seat. So sweet!

  10. Ken & MaryLou Leavens

    First exposure to Doug was before he became “rich and famous”. He was working for Lauder where both were aspiring to become marketing Barbarians. During a “lifestyle change” Doug’s beloved dog “Ross” was offered to me to provide a new home in a rural environment. (Who else would offer their most-precious non-human possession for a “better life”?) Welcomed by our German Shepherd bitch coming into heat almost to the day. A “virgin event” for both thrilled Doug and produced six beautifully-crossed puppies – the sincerest form of thank-you to Doug’s generosity. “Whippie-Blue”, as my wife named Doug in jest for his “Razor-Steel bod”, still watches over our farm too.

    1. Suzy Farbman Post author

      Another delightful Doug story. Thanks so much for the anecdote, Ken & MaryLou. May Whippie-Blue continue to watch over all of us.

  11. Terri Kowalski

    OMG I was writing a note to Anne Copeland today to ask her about dear darling Suzie Sunshine !!! It made me think of Doug too.
    I open up my e-mail and here is Suzy’s beautiful tribute to Dear Doug.
    I agree with Bert, the tribute brings and smile and a tear. He was a great guy and we miss them.
    Thank you Suzy for taking the time to write your beautiful blogs. They are an inspiration.
    You look for greatness and you find it…

    Love You and Bert, Terri and Art Kowalski

    1. Suzy Farbman Post author

      Terri, you remain one of our all time favorite Laurel Oakers. We miss you and Art so much. Thanks for your lovely comment. God bless.

  12. Thel Fearnley

    What a lovely tribute to a lovely man. It so well captures the essence of who Doug was….a generous colleague, true friend, dedicated husband and father, and wonderful story/joke teller always with that twinkle in his eye. And Susie certainly was his “sunshine”!

    1. Suzy Farbman Post author

      Well said, Thel. You described Doug perfectly. Thanks for your insightful comment.

  13. Suzy Farbman Post author

    as emailed from Suzie Leith
    This is wonderful. Will not lie–cried a little when I read it. You put into words what we all felt. Much love and appreciation.
    Suzie Sunshine

    1. Suzy Farbman Post author

      I got choked up as well. Lots of us also miss your “movie star.” Thanks for the sweet comment.

  14. Lu Laprade

    A beautiful testimony. Although we knew Doug for only a brief time, he left a very large impression. He was a very special man with a very special wife. Love them both.
    Lu & Vic

    1. Lu Laprade

      A beautiful testimony. Although we knew Doug for only a brief time, he left a very large impression. He was a very special man with a very special wife. Love them both.
      Lu & Vic

  15. Roleta Meredith

    A very well written story. I am sure it was a hard one for you to write about your friends. Although I barely knew Doug and Susie, I always enjoyed being around them. They were indeed fun people.

  16. Burt farbman

    I loved the time I spent with Doug. We shared stories of our past . Talked politics, travel and the current events of the day. We laughed and cried together. Doug was a great guy and a dear friend. Suzy your story brought a smile to my face and a tear to my eye.



    1. Suzy Farbman Post author

      Thanks, Pat, for taking the time to comment. Agreed. Doug was a truly special human being. And so are you.

  18. Pat Fowler

    I remember Susie and Doug. They were guests of Pat & Tom B. here in VT. We had a dinner party at the farm and had a wonderful time with them along with everyone. Loved your story about hitting into the water…
    Stay well & Happy New Year to you & Burton

    1. Suzy Farbman Post author

      Honored that you enjoyed the column, Pat. Thanks so much for the lovely comment.

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