ENTERTAING ANGELS: The Dorothy Day Story


It’s Saturday evening, Aug. 27, and I’m putting the finishing touches on tomorrow’s sermon. (Filling in out at the Eaton Ohio Presbyterian Church.) At the beginning of the week I was delighted to find that the Common Lectionary’s Epistle Lesson for this week is Hebrews 13:1-8. This section has the line that gives its name to one of my favorite films, ENTERTAINING ANGELS: The Dorothy Day Story. You need not guess what film I will be bringing into the sermon.

Ordinarily I would write a blog about this, but then while Googling the title I found that both my review of the film and the discussion guide I wrote for Paulist Press are available on line.

The review is at https://readthespirit.com/visual-parables/entertaining-angels-dorothy-day-story-1996/.  In addition to the film review there are reviews of two books, Day’s autobiography, The Long Loneliness and  FRITZ EICHENBERG:  WORKS OF MERCY, a book that includes many of the woodcuts by the artist who worked with Ms. Day.

I had forgotten about writing the guide for Paulist Press, the Paulist Brothers publishing house aligned with Paulist Films, producer of the film. It has 21 discussion questions and a list of books related to her. If you have not used this film with a group, I would urge you to do so, especially if you are involved with peacemaking and other social justice issues. https://www.catholicvideo.com/files/EntertainAngels.pdf


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