Good Kill (2015)

From their control room at an AF base near Las Vegas a team uses drones to kill terrorists in Afghanistan, a seemingly clean way, but problems produce guilty feelings.

Civil War (2024)

Many angry citizens, who are upset over seemingly intractable political disputes, have talked about civil war breaking out in our nation, would do well to watch writer/director Alex Garland’s Civil War. It is a cautionary film, told through the eyes of four journalists, and it is not an uplifting story. One of its lessons is …

The Good House (2021)

A money-strapped alcoholic woman in a New England town rekindles a romance with an old flame & amidst tragedy faces up to her problem.

Vengeance (2022)

A smug New Yorker travels to west Texas to attend the funeral of a girl he barely knew & finds all his stereotypes challenged by her family.