Gandhi’s Gift (2016)

Photos, newsreel clips, interviews, & quotes, tell the story of Gandhi’s last days , from release from prison thru his campaign against violence & hatred that erupted when Pakistan separated from India.

The White Tiger (2020)

Horatio Alger would not approve of poor Balram’s means of rising from his low status as driver for a corrupt Indian family to wealthy entrepreneur.

A Dangerous Life (1988)

The reporter is fictional, but this film is based on the history of the Philippines when Corrie Aquino inspired her people to topple the Marcos dictatorship by standing against guns and tanks in the streets.

John Lewis: Get in the Way (2020)

The story of CR leader turned US Congressman John lewis, from his sharecropping days through Sit-ins & Freedom Rides to his beating at Selma & years as the “Conscience of Congress.”