Collateral Beauty (2016)

When the head of an ad agency does not get over his grief for his dead child, his 3 partners hatch a complicated plot so that he will be declared mentally incompetent & they can save the agency from ruin.

April 2014 Journal

Inside: Reviews of Cesar Chavez, Noah, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Divergent, The Wind Rises, The Great Beauty, Tim’s Vermeer, God’s Not Dead, and Pompeii. And much more. Click image or title above for more details.

Film Capsules April 2014

To read the longer review click onto the film title.  Cesar Chavez Rated PG-13. Malachi 3:5. This film biography of the great Hispanic Grape Boycott leader will remind us that the battle for decent wages, working conditions was as hard fought by Hispanics and as stoutly resisted as the Civil Rights struggle was for African …

One Night in Miami (2020)

On the 1964 night when Cassius Clay won the World Heavy Weight Boxing Championship in Miami Malcolm X hosts a small party that includes the Champ & their 2 friends singer Sam Cook & football player Jim Brown, their conversation ranging over issues of racism & their part in fighting it.