Argentina 1985 (2022)

The true story of how the Argentine prosecutor formed a youthful team that successfully brought to justice the Juntas that killed 30K citizens.

Broker (2022)

When a mother who left her baby at a church returns for it she joins with 2 baby traffickers & are followed by 2 cops hoping to catch them in the act of selling the child.

On Sacred Ground (2022)

A financially needy reporter hired by a pro-oil company newspaper to present the oil company’s side travels to the the Dakota Access Pipeline site & learns why the First Nations’ are protesting.

All Quiet on the Western Front (2022)

The horrors of WW 1 trench warfare are on full display in a story of a German youth whose ideals are destroyed by the brutal fighting, as well as the indifference of upper class officers who never suffer the consequences of their orders.


(The four films reviewed in the April 1997 issue are Secrets & Lies; Marvin’s Room; Sling Blade; and Rosewood.) “It isn’t good for the man to live alone,” the author of the second Genesis creation story has God declare. And so he relates the story of the  creation of the woman,  the two forming a …

Rosewood (1997)

This harrowing true story based on a racist massacre of Blacks manages to inspire hope due to the efforts of a few courageous Blacks, and even some whites, to help victims.