Because I Say So (2007)

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Movie Info

Run Time
1 hour and 50 minutes

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Sex & Nudity
Rated PG-13. Our ratings: V- 1; L-3 ; S/N-3 . Running time: 1 hour 50 min.

Children, obey your parents in the Lord, in the
Lord’);” for this is right. ‘Honour your father and
mother’—this is the first commandment with a
promise: ‘so that it may be well with you and you
may live long on the earth.’ And, fathers, do not
provoke your children to anger, but bring them up
in the discipline and instruction of the Lord
Ephesians 6:1-4

Because I Say So

The Wilder family is not a Christian one, and Daphne’s husband has been long from the scene, so we would have to change the wording of the apostle Paul’s advice to “mothers, do not provoke your children to wrath.” With that little change, we can easily see that this control freak of a mother, played by Diane Keaton in her most frenetic manner, stands in desperate need of it. Although her three grown daughters have moved out, and two of them have married, she cannot let go, which is perhaps the last barrier in becoming a good parent. She so wants youngest daughter Milly (Mandy Moore) to meet the right man that she advertises on line for a man and goes through a seemingly endless series of comic interviews until at last arriving at the one she thinks is suitable for Milly, handsome architect named Jason (Tom Everett). But at the dinner club where she has become almost a fixture interviewing candidates, musician Johnny (Gabriel Macht) talks with her and thinks he would like to meet the daughter.

The provocation “to anger” is the fact that Daphne has told Millie none of this, so you can imagine what happens when, after meeting both men, she discovers her mother’s hand in all of this. Daphne is certainly the kind of parent that makes the commandment embedded in the Torah a most difficult one to observe! The film is far too over the top much of the time, and yet there are several heart-felt scenes between mother and daughter that makes this cream puff of a film worth a trip to the theater at matinee time.

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