Romeo and Juliet

There’s a beautiful new production of Shakespeare’s classic. THIS WEEK, click on the “Movie Reviews” link in the navigation bar, above, to read my review. Plus, new reviews of Church Girl, Inequality for All—and my latest Film Capsules, too!

Captain Phillips

The bio film Captain Phillips is a superior thriller in that much of it is a battle of wits between the Somali pirate leader who has taken the American hostage and hopes to reach Somali before the Navy SEALSs can act.

Short Term 12

This week, don’t miss a small movie: Short Term 12, about a wounded healer helping an abused teenager at a residential counseling center. Aptly named Grace, she embodies the kind of hard-earned, compassionate love that can change lives. Click “Movie Reviews” above.

Unfinished Song (Song for Marion)

Vanessa Redgrave and Terence Stamp are at their best in this wonderful story about a dying wife who embraces life during her last days and her husband who has long ago given up on life. A wonderful character transformation that treats older people with respect.

Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013)

Although the film at times seems in danger of sinking to the level of a clone of action thrillers such as Die Hard—lots of blasting, fist fights, and survivals of falls that normally would incapacitate or kill—it is saved by the cast well chosen to portray the younger versions of our beloved Star Trek characters.