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I can’t believe it’s been such a long time since my last entry. Aside from my usual writing for Visual Parables, LectionAid, and Lectionary Homiletics, I’ve been engrossed in finishing the book Blessed Are the Filmmakers, outlined below. It was inspired by reading Daniel Buttry’s inspiring collection of 60+ minibiographies of peacemakers, living and dead, BLESSED ARE THE PEACEMAKERS. As I read it early last year I kept thinking of films that would go along with the various people and themes in his book, and the result is my collection of forty film guides listed below, plus a long introduction on films & filmmakers and social justice, and some how-to ideas for setting up and leading a film series. The book will be published by the same folk that did Mr. Buttry’s book, They’ve run a number of my film articles and reviews last year. More on the book will be posted here as the publishing date draws near–sometime in the spring I hope.

Ed McN

Blessed are the Filmmakers


The Films

Part 1: Prophets and Visionaries



Jesus (The Miniseries)    


The Year of Living Dangerously 

Part 2: Litany of Martyrs

Cry Freedom  

The Mission

Of Gods and Men    


Sophie Scholl: the Final Days

Part 3: Peace Theory in Practice

Amazing Grace and Chuck     

The Long Walk Home                  

Grand Canyon          

The Official Story              

Part 4: Advocates

Amazing Grace      


Erin Brocovich                               

Part 5: Trainers and Teachers

Freedom Song  

Freedom Writers           


The War

Part 6: Organizers


Salt of the Earth             

Norma Rae

Part 7: Nonviolent Activists

Beyond Rangoon       

Freedom Riders   

The Power of Forgiveness        

We Shall Not Be Moved

Part 8: Artists


Pete Seger: The Power of Song 

Talk to Me

Part 9: Films for Understanding

American History X

Land of Plenty


To End All Wars          

Part 10: Films for Children Youth (and Youthful Minds of All Ages)


The Buttercream Gang  

How to Train Your Dragon

The Iron Giant              

Other Good Films for Peacemakers

Internet Resources


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