Tune in to my “Gospel & Comedy” event this Friday,  7  PM Feb. 18 at the Grosse Ile Michigan Presbyterian Church. We’ll explore a few Scripture passages such as the birth of Isaac and some of the parables of Jesus.—and, of course, does God and Jesus have a sense of humor?  Some of the many film clips will be from The Princess Bride, Sullivan’s Travels, The Name of the Rose, a Charlie Chaplin film, a Marcel Marceau skit, Stephen Colbert, Norman Cousins, and trailers for Godspell & Jesus Christ Superstar. The second part of the event will be on Saturday morning when we will take a more detailed look at Godspell (the Gospel as comedy) and Jesus Christ Superstar (Gospel as tragedy), plus some clips from Oh, God, Bruce Almighty & Babe: Pig in the City.

The presentation will be live on Zoom and open to 100 persons. To reserve a spot contact Kelsey Waugh at [email protected]. Soon the two handout sheets will be downloadable from the church’s website at http://www.gipc.org/. The first is a list of 24 Scripture passages, each with a description and some questions; the second is a resource list of books, video, and such for further exploring.

Some of the church members plan to watch via Zoom, so if you are interested, send in your name soon.

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