Cristobal  Krusen’s new film Let Me Have My Son, reviewed here on this site, premieres on streaming video on May 24. Based on the director/writer’s personal experience, it’s a powerful drama about a father’s faith and his love for his mentally ill son.

The two have been separated by the young man’s institutionalization in a mental treatment center. The father, himself the victim of a heart attack, sets out to reunite with the youth, but when he arrives, the patient cannot be found. There follows a surrealistic quest which brings out the strong faith of the father and the assurance that, like God’s quest for lost humanity, he will never give up on his son–and that there is meaning to our human suffering. People of faith will definitely want to see this film, and for leaders, the May Visual Parables includes the review plus 12 discussion questions.

For information on the film and how you can watch this beautiful film at home , click here. The site features the trailer plus a crucial scene form the film. Then at the bottom the “Get Tickets Today” bar.

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