Let’s Promote THOREAU: Surveyor of the Soul

As you can see elsewhere on ReadtheSpirit, I really  enjoyed watching the Thoreau video by the man who professionally goes just by the name “Huey.” It provides an over all view of the life of the man and his challenging writings. Because it is currently available only from him, it will be difficult for many of you to see. Thus I’m urging you to do what I’ve done, put in a purchase request  for it to your local library. It is the ideal DVD for this, filled with inspiring information about a man that  the public is aware of but about whom it really knows little.

There is very little information about the film on IMDB, the link to my review being the first, and there is no photo of the DVD cover–thus I believe that the filmmaker is so engaged in teaching & filming that he’s been able to do little to promote the film beyond his arranging for its screenings. You can be of great help in spreading the word about it by getting your library to buy  a copy. You might include a link to my review, or copy & paste relevant portions of it–don’t worry about copyright.

I’ve initiated a contact with the American Library Assoc. to get  one of its staff to review the film so that more librarians will become aware of the film. T here is as yet nothing about the DVD on Amazon, so I am urging the filmmaker to work on this.

This is an independent film that deserves to find an audience, always an uphill struggle for small budget filmmakers.  And this is a time when we need Thoreau to remind us to resist injustice at all levels of society and government. Please join me in this effort–and let us know by  your replies that you are doing so.

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One Reply to “Let’s Promote THOREAU: Surveyor of the Soul”

  1. Can you provide information about how to purchase DVD?
    Went to Huey WEBSITE but couldn’t find purchase information.

    1. Hugh, I hope you received my email reply that included Huey’s website information where there is a link for buying it. Hope you do so, it being such a fine film.

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