July 2017 Journal

The July 2017 issue of Visual Parables features reviews of A Quiet Passion, The Beguiled, Megan Leavey, Wonder Woman, Cars 3, The Hero, The Lovers, Dean, Paris Can Wait, and Churchill.

Dean (2016)

A father & son deal with their grief over the loss of their wife/mother, the son fleeing NYC to LA for a while, & the father seeking to sell their house against the son’s wishes.

Maggie’s Plan (2016)

Unable to hold a man beyond 6 months, New Yorker Maggie plans to use a friend’s semen to conceive a child, but then meets aspiring author John, changing her plans.

The Great Santini (1979)

In 1961 a hotshot Marine pilot, frustrated by peace time, treats his children like soldiers, has issues with his teenaged son, but luckily has a loyal wife who holds the family together by love and understanding.

Metalhead (2013)

Grieving the death of her brother, Hera takes his guitar & all to become a metalhead, often acting out her anger inappropriately. Peace comes to her through an unconventional pastor & her mother, who has just let go of her own grief.