The 33 (2015)

When 33 Chilean miners are trapped by a cave-in, the government intervenes because the company wants to give up on them, there ensuing a rescue with many setbacks.

Afire (2023)

A writer whose 2nd novel stinks retreats with a friend to a seaside cabin to revise it where they become involved with a girl already there.

Sound of Freedom (2023)

A highly fictionalized account of a real-life Home Security agent who rescued a boy and then his sister from sexual slavery in Mexico & Columbia.

Close (2022)

Remi & Leo are as close as can be until a girl at school asks if they are “a couple,” which leads to a parting of ways with sad consequences.

Jesus Revolution (2023)

During the Hippy Era a charismatic street evangelist transforms a youth & the pastor of a dying church into the spearhead of a Jesus Revolution.