May 2016 Journal

In this issue: Barbershop: The Next Cut, Eye in the Sky, Captain America: Civil War, Batman Vs. Superman, The Jungle Book, and A Hologram for the King.

The Circle (2017)

After joining the internet media giant The Circle, Mae quickly rises through its ranks, discovering that the technology she so loves also has devastating downsides.

Reminiscence (2021)

A sci-fi film noir in which Nick, an investigator of the past via neuro technology, searches for the woman he loves, who might have betrayed him.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)

Led by the daughter of the designer of the Death Star, a team of Rebels infiltrate the Imperial data center to find the plans of the Death Star that reveal its built-in flaw before it is operable.

Robocop (2014)

In 2128 what remains of a Detroit cop blown up by a car bomb is joined to a cyborg or robot to make the perfect cop. But will his humanity be lost?