Diane, at the age when friends are dying off, seeks reconciliation with her drug addicted son.

Mr. Church (2016)

A black man serves as cook for a single mother & her young daughter, supposedly for 6 months the mother has to live, but after 6 years, he is still there, & even after the mother dies, he stays in touch with the daughter.

Self/less (2015)

By a process called shedding the dying Damien has his mind switched into a younger body, but finds himself at war with the lab’s owner when he learns more about the history of his new body.

Shadowlands (1993)

Late in life famed author/theologian C.S. Lewis marries American author Jay Davidson, only to lose her a few years later to cancer. Once writing about pain from an academic viewpoint, he now understands it from the point of view of the broken-hearted living in shadowlands.