We Grown Now

Writer/director Minhai Baig’s elegaic story of an imaginative boy facing the end of a way of life is deeply moving. It makes me believe all the more that the best of films are being made by indepedant filmmakers. This is a must see film. The setting is the vast Cabrini-Green project that at its height …

Call Jane (2022)

Through the story of a fictional Chicago housewife needing an abortion the story of the underground Jane Collective, the pre-Roe vs. Wade group providing abortions, is told.

TILL (2022)

The murder of 14-year-old Emmett Till in MS in 1955 sparks outrage leading to the C-R Movement, thanks to his determined mother Mamie.

Unapologetic (2021)

Two young Black activist women take on the Mayor & the Chicago Police Dept.’s attempt to cover up the killings of unarmed Blacks.

The Outfit (2022)

A mild mannered taciturn ex-London cutter proves smarter than the mob boss who uses his Chicago tailored suit shop as a drop-off for money & messages.