DogMan 2023)

  The controversial Luc Besson’s new film is not quite as violent as his previous ones, but it is bizarre enough as a tale of cruelty that sensitive viewers might want to be wary of it. Its protagonist Douglas Munrow, superbly played by Caleb Landry Jones, is a victim who was literally thrown to the …

Let Him Go (2020)

Grandparents Margaret & George travel to ND in search of their missing grandson & daughter-in-law & land in a morass of strife & violence.

Calvary (2014)

This challenging story about the life of a tough Irish priest, caught in an impossible circle of relationships, mirrors the final days of Jesus. Click the movie’s title to read my entire review.

The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete

Left alone in the impoverished Brooklyn projects when their dug-addicted mothers are taken away b the police, a 14 year-old African American boy unwillingly becomes the care-giver of an 8 year-old Korean American boy. Dodging the police and gang members, they must survive the hot summer by their wits and pluck.