Vivo (2021)

When Vivo’s owner & singing partner Andres dies in Havana, he teams up with Gabi, a grandniece, to deliver a love song to the man’s long-separated lover in Miami.

La La Land (2016)

In this ironically titled musical an aspiring actress & a would-be jazz pianist meet in Hollywood, fall in love, but find that success brings unexpected results–for themselves & for the audience.

Desert Dancer (2014)

Forbidden to dance, an Iranian student longing for freedom forms a secret dance company. Unable to perform in Tehran, he invites fellow students into the desert, but there will be trouble ahead.

ZORBA the GREEK (1964)

Zorba the Greek is so filled with life force that he dances in the face of disaster as well as joy. His friendship with leads even the reclusive Basil to join him in the dance of life.