1776 (1972)

See the Founding Fathers sing & dance in this musical comedy about events leading up to signing of the Declaration of Independence, based on the Tony Award-winning Broadway play.

Nightjohn (1996)

Before the Civil War a Black man who voluntarily returns to slavery to teach slaves how to read finds an eager pupil in a young girl.

The Liberator (2013)

Simon Bolivar’s story, called The Liberator because he led the revolution against Spain in South America, is told from days as an uninvolved planter & slave owner to those of a leader believing in equality & freedom.

Roger Williams: Freedom’s Forgotten Hero

Documentary. Running time: 45 min. Our star rating: (1-5): 4.5    This documentary resurrects the memory of the man who originated the phrase “separation of church and state.” It was not Thomas Jefferson, but Puritan Roger Williams who, faced with the oppressive theocracy of the Massachusetts Bay Colony in the 1600’s, came up with the concept of …

Desert Dancer (2014)

Forbidden to dance, an Iranian student longing for freedom forms a secret dance company. Unable to perform in Tehran, he invites fellow students into the desert, but there will be trouble ahead.