The Captain (2017)

If there is any truth in that old maxim “Clothes make the man,” then it must go double if those clothes are in the form of a military uniform conferring even a moderate rank upon its wearer. Such is the case in German director/writer Robert Schwentke’s harrowing World War II drama, filmed in crisp black …

All Quiet on the Western Front (2022)

The horrors of WW 1 trench warfare are on full display in a story of a German youth whose ideals are destroyed by the brutal fighting, as well as the indifference of upper class officers who never suffer the consequences of their orders.

ELVIS (2922)

Made in dazzling style, this film exposes the toxic relationship between singer Elvis Presley and the influence of Black music upon him and his friendship with B.B. King.

Where Hands Touch (2018)

An Afro-German girl in Nazi Germany facing scorn, yet loved by a Hitler Youth, is sent to a labor camp after protective her mother is arrested.