Little Big Voice (20215)

A mixed-race boy in post-war Austria living with his prejudiced grandparents wants to join the Vienna Boys’ Choir to find his GI father who is unaware of his existence.

Gifted (2017)

On the 1st day of 1st grade Mary’s teacher discovers she is gifted in math, setting off a fight between her uncle raising her & his mother over how to do so–in a normal school as he promised her deceased mother, his sister, or isolated in a school for geniuses.

Rhapsody In August (1991)

In August a Nagasaki grandmother informs her grandchildren about the A-bomb that killed her husband &, resentful that it was Americans who dropped the bomb, is uncertain about her mixed blood nephew visiting from Hawaii.

Song of the Sea (2014)

Based on Irish folklore, this is the story of a brother & his half-selkie sister who save the faerie world on a journey from Dublin back to their father at their lighthouse home.

Tammy (2014)

After Tammy is fired from her fast food restaurant job she reluctantly embarks on a trip to Niagra Falls with her grandmother & learns life lessons enroute.