Hamilton (2020)

The story of Alexander Hamilton from his humble rise & friendship with Aaron Burr & several Founding Fathers to his close relationship with George Washington, his marriage, & dual with Burr.

Red Joan (2019)

Judi Dench is such a capable and beloved actress that it is understandable if viewers root for her octogenarian character Joan Stanley (played by Sophie Cookson in the flashbacks to Joan’s younger days) when she photographs documents from her atomic research lab and passes them on to the Soviets in the 40s and 50s. When …

Churchill (2017)

British PM Churchill argues & pleads with his generals to stop the invasion of Normandy 3 days before its launch because it will fail, as did the WW 1 of Gallipoli which he had led.

Denial (2016)

When an American Holocaust writer is sued in England by a denier for defamation of character, she is shocked to learn that her lawyers must prove the truth that the event happened.