ELVIS (2922)

Made in dazzling style, this film exposes the toxic relationship between singer Elvis Presley and the influence of Black music upon him and his friendship with B.B. King.

On Chesil Beach (2017)

After a couple are unsuccessful consummating their love on their wedding night, the bride runs out onto the beach where her husband catches up with her, but do either have the words to go on?

The Lobster (2015)

Society doesn’t allow singles, so the divorced David is sent to a Hotel where residents have 45 days to discover a mate (must have something in common) or become an animal of their choice, his being a lobster.

BABE: Pig in the City (1998)

In this sequel the little sheepherding pig Babe stays at a hotel when his mistress is detained. While she’s away his adventures include rescuing a drowning dog & saving his fellow animals from the authorities.