Five Came Back (2017)

Stories of 5 Hollywood directors who volunteered to film WW 2 & how the war changed them & their films changed the world, told by 5 contemporary directors.

Rhapsody In August (1991)

In August a Nagasaki grandmother informs her grandchildren about the A-bomb that killed her husband &, resentful that it was Americans who dropped the bomb, is uncertain about her mixed blood nephew visiting from Hawaii.

When Marnie Was There (2014)

In Japan Anna, sent to relatives on the coast because of her asthma, is so shy that she feels like an outsider. She befriends Marnie who might not be real, but the change that Marnie brings to her is very real.

The Wind Rises (2113)

This bio of Japanese aviationist Jiro Horikoshi, beginning with his boyhood dreams of flying, tells parallel stories of his development of the Japanese Zero & his love for his TB-infected wife.

The Wolverine

When Wolverine is summoned to Japan by an old acquaintance, he is embroiled in a conflict that forces him to confront his own demons.