Love Actually (2003)

Written and directed by Richard Curtis, who also wrote Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill and Bridget Jones’s Diary, Love Actually has much to recommend it, despite a couple of storylines of questionable taste. The film is book-ended by scenes of arrivals and departures at London’s Heathrow Airport, as we hear a narrator state …

Past Lives (202)

Writer-director Celine Song leaves the fantasy world of The Wheel of Time, which she scripted, to give us a heart-warming story set in the present world of the romantic, yet pragmatic. Divided into three parts, hers is a spiritual film, though that of Buddhism rather than Christianity. It is infused with such wisdom and restraint …

The Quiet Girl (2022)

A shy, quiet Irish girl ignored by her overly taxed pregnant mother and drunkard father blossoms during the summer she spends with loving relatives.

A Love Song (2022)

A rare film of romance of an older widowed woman waiting at a campground for an old h.s. flame to join her & see if they have a future together.

Flag Day (2021)

John Vogel is a schemer seldom telling the truth to his daughter Jennifer, though she overcomes this to become a journalist.