Jules 2023)

A lonely small town widower befriends an alien when its UFO crashes in his backyard & soon is joined by 2 women in keeping the secret from government agents.

WRITING WITH FIRE–Great for Women’s History Month!

I just was privileged to see an hour-long version of this 90-minute Oscar-nominated documentary–and was highly impressed by the sisterhood of female Indian journalist upon whom it focuses. They face incredible pressure from their society–their families, the men they interview, the authorities whom they challenge.  You can see the full version when Independent Lens shows …

The Guilty (2021)

An LA cop resentfully answering 911 calls becomes crucial in rescuing an abducted mother as he faces a dept. hearing the next day.

Sarajevo (2014)

After the murder of Archduke Ferdinand & his wife a lowly magistrate in Sarajevo is pressured to agree that Serbia is responsible, which gives Germany & Austria the excuse to invade that nation in what they expect to be a short war.