MALCOLM X (1992)

The story of Malcolm X from his youthful gangster days thru his conversion to Islam in prison to his rise in leadership of Black Muslims and his murder when he broke with its leader.

Detroit (2017)

During the 1967 Detroit Riot racist cops torture black teenagers & 2 white girls at a motel to get them to turn over a gun which they think was fired at them–during the night the cops murder 3 of the blacks.

A Dog’s Purpose (2016)

Thanks to reincarnation a loyal dog enhances the lives of 3 different families & then returns to enrich the life of its original owner, now a lonely adult.

Chappie (2015)

In S.A. the robot cop inventor wants to install A.I. His boss says No, but he goes ahead anyway, & then is kidnapped by crooks wanting to use it for crime.